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Attenzione! Big news 👽
I am extremely glad to announce that I will be one of the exhibitors at Milan Design Week Isola Design Festival 2024! Save the date 15th - 21st of April. Hope to see you there! I can't wait for the exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to see some of my projects from the FUTUROOM COLLECTION in reality. Ciao Milano 💚🤍❤️


For the very first time I had the pleasure to organize an exhibition of my whole furniture collection ,,The FUTUROOM” Your presence made the event truly special, I am deeply grateful for your support. The positive energy and your kind words have inspired me even more. It was wonderful to meet all of you in person.

This is just the beginning! 
Thank you, Mati.

the futuroom collection

The FUTUROOM collection was created at the turn of 2022 and 2023. the objects look strange and look like they come from outer space. they are intriguing and arouse the curiosity of the viewer who wants to experience them. Their inspiration comes from sci-fi films, the aesthetics of postmodernism, retrofuturism and the art of futurists. All items have one design philosophy in common and that is weirdo design. Its author is Mati Sipiora.

Mati Sipiora – the creator's story

Mati's adventure as a designer began in 2017. He studied Design at the University of Arts in Poznan with a doctoral degree. Apart from the project, his property is also art, both from an individual and from a collector's perspective. This can be seen in the objects he designs





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